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My Experience of being diagnosed with Low Testosterone and TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy,Low T symptoms and advice

Low Testosterone and surviving it’s awful symptoms


So,now I’m on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Well how did I end up here? One minute I’m flying high, living the dream, conquering worlds. The next I’m having palpitations that make my heart feel like it’s a 4 cylinder engine running on only 3 cylinders. How on god’s earth does a 37 year old get diagnosed with Low Testosterone?

I thought I was indestructible. Turns out however, I’m not.. just a mere mortal probably just as you are. In fact, you’re probably only reading this because you typed in “Low Testosterone” or “Testosterone Replacement Therapy” into your PC. Turns out to my surprise even legendary swordsman Robbie Williams has been diagnosed as being amongst our ranks.

Low Testosterone

My Symptoms of Low Testosterone

My symptoms started with fatigue. I felt as though I was constantly drained, even walking small distances caused my joints and muscles to feel tender and ache. Simple exercise now required breaks. Some days I would feel dizzy and light headed, even feeling nauseous (like how my wife would get with pregnancy). I was falling apart at the seams my friends and this was only just the beginning.

I was suffering panic attacks that came at 3-4am most mornings. Striking me down with a deep dark fear. I was forced to get out of bed and stay awake, just to keep these attacks at bay. I even got up and walked into town just to keep occupied, keep my mind from dwelling in sheer panic. Braving the drunks and psychopaths that always seem to roam the streets at these times now seemed small fry compared to the panic that my low male hormones were now wreaking upon me.

While all this was getting worse I barely noticed the fact that I was developing quite a gut. Yes indeed my midriff was getting so large I could see it competing with my man boobs for prominence – and my gut was winning the race by a nose. I had put on a massive 45 pounds.

Worst of all, I was becoming so consumed by all of this that I hadn’t even noticed my sex drive had completely gone the way of the Dinosaurs. No matter what my partner tried to lure me with, I would make an excuse. When she finally had got her wicked way with me. I then had to make more excuses for myself. “It’s not you love, it’s me” I found myself saying. I had been lucky up to this point in my life and had NEVER failed to get an erection. Hell, in the recent past I used to be able to get it to operate effectively even when I was completely drunk! The culmination of all of this had now made me realise that my quality of life had become practically ‘subhuman’. I was in a real bad way.

You see, I had been guilty of taking my body and good health for granted until now. Yep, guilty as charged your honour. When things go wrong, we may put it down to being ‘ a bit run down’, ‘off colour’. I’ll Soon be better…

Well, it took me one whole year (nicely coinciding with me discovering I had become impotent) to admit to myself, my family and eventually my doctor.That indeed I had encountered my very own form of power sapping kryptonite.

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