Is there a group or forum for men with Low Testosterone or Hypogonadism?

Are you looking to join a forum or community group for men with Low testosterone or with Hypogonadism. I have compiled a handy list of useful resources and friendly forums to help a low T guy out with.



Are there are communities of groups for men with low testosterone? – I hear you ask, well the answer to this is obviously yes, yes there are. But the problems that arise are that most of these communities are small individual guys who have set up there own web-ring to help support other men going through the nightmare of suffering from low T.

There are forums out there that you can join that will certainly help answer alot of your questions but it does seem that we are fragmented across the wide reaches of the internet and depending upon the reason for your being low T.

Men can suffer from low testosterone for many reasons, this is not a scientific all encompassing list. Just what I have found while trawling around the web.

Group hug for low T men

Friendly forums and communities for men with Low T or Hypogonadism (Now this group hug caught your attention)

The Different causes of Low Testosterone

Bodybuilding or weight training and the resulting side effects of using steroids.

Men who have suffered a condition like Testicular Cancer who may suffer from low t due to the removal of a testicle or both.

Guys who have low T caused by a head injury or some other trauma to the pituitary/hypothalamus.

Lifestyle induced, prescription or non prescription drug induced, finasteride etc or just idiopathic (unknown reason) i.e sods law..

Now all we need to do is try and find the right support group to help right?

I am not looking at promoting or helping guys find communities which will help them ‘get juiced’ on ridiculously high amounts of testosterone as there certainly are some very dubious forums with these kind of intentions and I recommend these are best avoided.

Don’t get me wrong guys, I know and understand that when you are low t and you have an ineffective doctor who just doesn’t have a bloody clue then you are pretty much willing to try anything to get better. Been there and done that. In fact, I have spent the last year researching my condition, trying to get answers, blood tests and basically bullying my doctors to help get me better. I would suggest banging your head against a brick wall is infinitely more productive and probably more satisfying!

Many of your treatment options will be fully dependent upon where you live. If you are in the UK then be ready for getting a below par level of care. For example the T range is from 11-36. If you are a fit young male at 18 a blood test that came back with a total T of 11 would return a ‘normal’ result and a doctor would not even CONSIDER looking any further. But please keep in mind that T levels deteriorate gradually with age. This 18 year old should be above 30.  Anyone around the 11 to 15 region are most likely over 60 years old!!  So when you go to your doctors ALWAYS take a hard copy of the results including the range. I’m just trying to say DO NOT ACCEPT a  ‘NORMAL’  as being such. We are all different and the medical community should take this into consideration.

I decided to start this blog about my experience of going through low T because I just wasn’t your typical burnt out body builder who’s been looking for infinite gains and just waking up to the fact that perhaps they have gone too far. All the while getting tired of the merry go round of HCG, Testosterone shots and possibly aromatisation inhibitors. In fact I used to weight train lightly in my early twenties but I never took supps or steroids.

These bodybuilders will suggest various PCT’s (Post cyle Therapy). Remember, these guys experiment with many different fertility drugs in an effort to restart their own HPTA after doing a cyle of steroids. Some with more success than others. Lots of different factors will come into play, such as length of cyles, combinations of T, use of HCG etc. These protocols may certainly help if you have access to these drugs and getting the blood work done. Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking what they do, they are innovators and I guess help the cause for the rest of us.. Hopefully knowledge gained from these guys will go into possible future treatments for the rest of us low T guys.

Get the right advice by all means but please don’t start taking drugs and supplements without the support of your Doctor. When you go back needing help or bloods done they will not thank you for it!

BUT, if like me, you are in the UK, or just not ready to start taking various drugs recommended on an internet forum. Then you may have some tough decisions to make.  Perhaps Health tourism if you have the money and are willing to travel to the US ? If not then I suggest do your own research, take a balanced view. Find the right supplements i.e vitamins etc that your body may be low in such as Zinc, Vit D, Iron, Fish oils etc. Get the rest you need, Try not to stress and try and keep up exercise – whatever you can do to stay healthy. It will all help.

What other forums are communities are there for Low Testosterone or Hypogonadism

Here are some of the sites that I can recommend you check out:

UK based:

The Testosterone Deficiency Centre

A fantastic resource to help guys with Low T in the UK,  check out the copy of the latest NHS guidelines for T levels check out their forums (new but hopefully will grow)

Thyroid Disease Forum

A friendly UK based community for those who have Thyroid problems (often the underlying cause of Low T)

No More Panic

If you are suffering from anxiety and palpitations get support from others going through exactly the same thing.

UK Muscle Forum TRT section

I have found this to be a friendly community that is not full of the ‘bro’ speak you may find elsewhere, helpful and supportive of guys trying to restart their HPTA


USA Based

MESO Think Steroids Forum

An open community with some more ‘helpful than others’ members. Pro steroid/HRT community. Forum frequented by Dr Michael Scally a US specialist in male hormones. A community that does not suffer fools gladly!! Be warned! Do your research and give full labs/ranges when/if posting.


MuscleChat room- All things Male Forum

A friendlier community that offers help, support and advice from its members. Also has a resident male hormone specialist offering advice in the forums Dr John Crisler.


Stop The Thyroid Madness

A very well written and helpful site aimed at ‘re-educating the medical community’  and helping the reader understand their Thyroid and it’s treatment.  Highly recommended.


 Lastly I’m going to mention some other guys that I have came across who have their own blogs. You may be interested in reading and following.


Life with Low T

Follow  lifewithlowT as he battles against this condition certainly an interesting blog and I hope he does indeed recover.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Follow another young average joe trying to fix his low T. Having tried restarting he’s having a period of trying to get TRT right. I wish you the best of luck luck with getting the balance right and hope that you start to feel better.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please comment if you feel that you have a Low T or Hypogonadism site that may be of help.


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