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I wanted to share my experience of how Cabergoline has increased my libido immensely. My Sex Drive had been through the floor for the last 2 or so years. I can pretty much remember feeling a sharp pain in my head and from that moment on things just never felt the same sexually for me.  It was as though someone had turned down my ‘excitement and feeling’ knob. Please pardon my pun there.

Sex had become really awkward and difficult, not to mention slightly embarrassing when I was hit with the erectile dysfunction. I was pretty fit and in my mid 30′s this kind of thing shouldn’t have been happening to me!  Sheesh, it only seems like yesterday that I could have used my Penis as a jackhammer (should the need have arisen- thankfully not- just imagine driving past some roadworks and seeing that spectacle eh lol).

Cabergoline libido

Now I was having to make the old ‘I don’t know what happened there’- “It’s not you love, it’s me..” patter. MY wife really didn’t take well to all of this. She didn’t really pressure me, but on the other hand it didn’t make her feel good about herself either. There is nothing worse than being married and having no sexual passion whatsoever with our pyjamas fully buttoned up before bedtime.

Without a diagnosis from the Doctors apart from ‘err.. maybe you’re drinking a bit too much’  it made life seem even more unfair.But now I have a diagnosis of a damaged pituitary gland things make more sense.

How to improve your Libido on Testosterone Replacement Therapy using Cabergoline.

Now let me be honest with you, When I had a completely normally functioning endocrine system, I didn’t need anything to help me have sex. Honestly, I kid you not!  I have never been a Brad Pitt, But I have always had a healthy sex drive.  Once I began to suffer from Low Testosterone. Getting a Sustanon 250 shot really helped me get rid of my erectile dysfunction for definite. You forget after a while exactly what a normal erection is. The other side effects of low Testosterone really put the killer blow on actually wanting to have sex anyway. i.e aching joints and fatigue etc.

For me taking Testosterone in an injectable form really did actually help me get ‘wood’ or an erection if you wish to be more formal.

The only problem for me was although I would get an erection without any problem on Testosterone replacement. IT would often be pointless boners. i.e  Erection upon waking etc.  But I didn’t really have the inclination to actually want to use it.  This really became difficult to comprehend.

Prolactin will lower your Libido.

So even though I could get an erection now that I was on TRT, it was academic because my sex drive / Libido had been destroyed by having a high Prolactin level. If you are on TRT and are still not getting your libido back. Make sure that you get your Prolactin levels checked by a simple blood test.

Cabergoline has massively improved my Libido, despite the Side Effects of Cabergoline, Getting my Libido back is awesome.

Now that I have actually started to WANT to have Sex again and my Libido is coming back with a real vengeance. I am starting to feel human again. It’s been such a long time for me. It’s like being born again lol. Although I am getting some headaches and sleep problems, not to mention the constipation. I cannot believe that my High Prolactin was not treated or taken more seriously sooner.


If you are on Testosterone Replacement and you have High Prolactin  and your sex drive has been destroyed then I suggest you really should at least think again about taking Cabergoline to improve your Libido.






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