Genova Adrenal Stress Profile find out how your adrenals are coping with being hypothyroid

Genova Saliva Adrenal Stress Profile
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 on May 16, 2013


If you are hypothyroid and are unhappy with the little help that you have received from your doctor, find out what is really going on with your thyroid and adrenals. This is recommended for anyone that is considering using NDT. Make sure your adrenals are optimal before starting natural dessicated thyroid. For this price the product has really helped me work out my next step in getting better.

Why I tested my adrenals with a Genova Adrenal saliva test

Whether your GP believes in Adrenal Fatigue or not. I know for sure that my own GP doesn’t believe that it exists, but then again this is the NHS in the UK I’m talking about and having suffered with low testosterone and Hypothyroidism for the last 3 years I’m not particularly ‘peachy’ about the care that I have received.

For anyone suffering from Primary or Secondary Hypothyroidism, whether you’re on prescription for Levothyroxine (T4 the storage hormone) you may well have other problems that your Doctor will be unlikely to tell you of or even agree that these conditions exist.

For our thyroids to work correctly they will require lots of minerals, nutrients and other parts of the body to function effectively. These can range from iodine deficiency, Low Iron, Ferritin, Low B12, Low Vitamin D or Magnesium. Your Thyroid also is backed up by your adrenals, if you’ve been Hypothyroid for some time you will have noticed some strange things going on with your adrenals. That could be strange temperature fluctuations, hot flushes, acute stress reactions to little things that annoy you. Losing your temper and flying off the handle.

Adrenal Fatigue is not really recognised by the current establishment

This condition known as adrenal fatigue, depending upon where you live and also how progressive the medical community are. Will determine how much help you get with securing a diagnosis. Certainly in the UK it seems that you will most likely get a ACTH stimulation test (short Synacthen test) this basically involves taking a blood sample of cortisol level and then injecting a synthetic ACTH and then waiting either 30, 45 or 6 minutes when a final blood draw is taken. Basically they are looking for your cortisol level to increase dramatically on stimulation between the first and last blood draw. This is the test of your adrenal function.

In my own opinion and from what I can find from others They fail to recognize any degree of adrenal insufficiency between Addison’s and healthy adrenal function. these doctors see the adrenals as either working or not with nowhere in between. This clearly is crazy (in my opinion) read here for further info

Cortisol levels should vary dramatically throughout a 24 hour period. Cortisol should be at it’s highest in the early morning coinciding with the time we normally get out of bed. This is to help us get up and out and then gently falls throughout the day to it’s lowest level at night time enabling us to get to sleep.

Your adrenals are your bodies defence mechanism absorbing all of lifes strains stresses, biologically and emotionally. By the time you are normally ‘lucky’ enough to get a diagnosis of low thyroid your adrenal glands may be feeling the strain.

Poor absorption because of your thyroid.

Now alongside possible adrenal fatigue your metabolism will have slowed down. This is your bodies own way of slowing down to prevent/fight disease or illness. The problem now is that because our metabolism has slowed and one of the best ways of testing this is using BBT (body basal temperature) is to take your temperature before rising in the morning for a few days. If the reading is approx 96-97 deg F then you may well be hypothyroid. The Drrind site explains this and even offers a fantastic chart to download and use to track your own BBT

But poor absorption of minerals whilst hypothyroid is common as having a lowered metabolism causes lower stomach acid activity. This is a catch 22 situation and leads to the deficiencies of the above vitamins and minerals i.e B12, Iron, Ferritin etc.

The best way to test for Adrenal Fatigue

Currently the best way to test for adrenal fatigue is to use a 24hr adrenal saliva test. This test is relatively cheap and doesn’t require a doctors permission. No hassle with getting bloods drawn etc.
I used the genova 24hr saliva test and I was very pleased with the results. Typically a GP would just offer (if you’re very lucky) a single cortisol blood test. THIS IS USELESS for looking at how your adrenals function throughout a 24 hr period.

When you order the adrenal test you will recieve the kit through the post. The kit comes with 4 plastic sample bottles and instructions. Basically these are 1hour after waking take the first sample. Rinse your mouth out with fresh water to clear any food debris etc and then fill up the sample bottle to the fill line. Each sample should be taken about 4-6 hours apart.Do not smoke or eat within an hour of giving a sample. Once all four samples are completely frozen, place them in the silver foil envelope along with the icepack and then post using a next day guaranteed service. They do not work over the weekends so be sure to carry our the tests away from the weekend.

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