My Side Effects of using Cabergoline or Dostinex


I have been taking Cabergoline now for 2 weeks and I have had these side effects from using Cabergoline / Dostinex. I have been prescribed 0.5mg once a week to lower my High Prolactin which has been killing off my sex drive more effectively than any wincyette nightie my wife could ever buy.  Seriously High Prolactin levels have pretty much trashed my libido and most likely caused my Hypogonadism.

I had the Cabergoline tablets for a few days before summoning up the courage to make the leap to actually take it. Apparently related to Ergot which is some kind of derivative from LSD. Cabergoline itself it used for a few different purposes these are to lower prolactin and shrink pituitary tumours and in higher doses it’s used to help combat Parkinsons Disease.

Cabergoline Dostinex side effects

Using Cabergoline or Dostinex as a drug to achieve multiple orgasm and decrease the refractory period.

Cabergoline is actually used my some body builders and even adults looking to improve their Sex lives. Crazy as it may seem that someone of good health should wish to use Cabergoline or Dostinex for this purpose. But because it keeps Prolactin low it is supposed to improve orgasm (in men and women) and in particular it apparently can help a man achieve multiple orgasms!

I would seriously recommend that if you are in good health, be happy with what you have got. The side effects from Cabergoline / Dostinex are not to be taken lightly. When I say this please don’t think that everyone will get side effects, of course not, it’s always other people that DON’T get Side effects. Unfortunately, I always seem to!

After taking Cabergoline in the evening with a sandwich I retired to bed at about 11pm. By 1 am I was wide awake feeling like I was on an amphetamine like speed. No matter what I tried to do, I just could not sleep anymore. Depsite only 2 hrs sleep insomnia really hit me and alas I was not a happy bunny.

Cabergoline Dostinex and Insomnia the Side Effect.

So after only 2 hrs sleep and not actually being able to GET back to sleep. I struggled through the day with being tired, I didn’t feel nausea, maybe just a headache and ocassional electric shock sensations in my head I battled on through the day.

On my second night after taking Cabergoline I managed to get about 3 hours sleep. Still feeling tired and my body was really exhausted.

Day 3 I slept for about 5 hours, apparently the half life of Dostinex / Cabergoline is about 3.5 to 4 days. I found that my sleep increased slightly after the 4th day. However this was all repeated the following week again.

On the plus side I no longer ate like a horse. My appetite has certainly diminished into a kind of take it or leave it attitude. This affected me for the first couple of days after taking Cabergoline.

Cabergoline Dostinex and Constipation.

For the first 5 days after having taken my first and in fact the following week too. It too me a whole five days before I actually had a Bowel Movement and I can sure tell you that I was grateful for it too. I have never gone longer that 2 days ever!  Why on earth it has this effect I just do not know. But it seems to be fairly common.

Cabergoline and Depression.

I have been lucky that I have never really felt depression before, but I have to admit that I have felt a bit down and depressed while taking Cabergoline. I put this down to changes in dopamine levels in Brain. If you do indeed suffer while taking Dostinex, please just hang in there, the symptoms do indeed abate after stopping treatment.


So after 2 weeks i.e two doses of 0.5 of Cabergoline I contacted my Endo and mentioned the Insomnia, he has suggested halving my dose down to 0.25 a week. Just to see how the side effects go at this dose.

I also have to mention that there has been some concerns about possible heart valve damage caused by long term use of Cabergoline in higher doses. i.e for Parkinsons Disease.  Please be warned that alot of people do tolerate Cabergoline well, but after reading the safety warnings in the packet, it’s got me paranoid now with every cough or small symptom. But just be aware that Cabergoline in my case certainly does have Side Effects.




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  • jon

    I have been on cabergoline for many years. While the drug does work in lowering prolactin the side effects are a nightmare. Difficulty sleeping, hot flashes,sad mood and depression. I have tried taking several anti depressents but I seem to have a problem with side effects. Could it be because of the cabergoline. My doctor says no but I’m not sure. I hate this medication. I take 0.5mg twice a week.

    • Carolyn

      I want to hear what people go through

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