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Are there any natural alternatives to increase Testosterone and will they work? my experience and advice


What can you do to naturally increase your Testosterone level?

Once I had been diagnosed with Low Testosterone and had been told that I was going to have to take testosterone therapy for the rest of my life. A little bit of my hope died that day. I felt like I was grieving for something. Perhaps the dawning realisation that I had now become dependant upon something. Or maybe I just felt a little bit less manly? I had heard that women who have a histerectomy grieve for the loss of their womb. Maybe there were some similarities in this?

Being reliant upon something..This had never happened to me before. Sure I knew diabetics etc who could go unconscious if they were not administering their own injections or monitoring their blood sugar frequently. I had been fortunate that for the past 30 plus years I had been completely healthy and I had taken it all for granted.

I thought surely there MUST be something I can do/ use as an alternative to taking ‘anabolic steroids’. Hey, I had always been told these things were bad. Now I was being told I really should take them otherwise my health will deteriorate even more. These drugs are banned in sports so why am being gave the green light to openly use them now..

Here is the reason:

Accept the face that my own body no longer has a functional control system to produce and release the correct amount of testosterone that my body needs to function healthily. I AM NOT taking EXTRA testosterone like the bodybuilders who use it to enhance their strength and use it to gain bulk. They intend to use it in a cycle. They will come off it and try and get back to normal on their own natural testosterone. I do NOT have that option. I am only putting back into my body. Testosterone that should be there in the first place

Saying this to myself made me feel better about it. I wasn’t over the moon about being on it. BUT it was better than not being on it.. as the last year of my symptoms have shown.

There are alternatives IF your body is slightly low in T. High weight Low repetition weight training is great at improving natural testosterone production. I bought some “horny goats weed” a herbal supplement (before being diagnosed) I never tried it in the end and it still resides in my bedside cabinet. But do some research first!

Losing weight and exercise with a good balanced diet will also help to improve things. But you need to understand just what it is that is CAUSING your testosterone levels to be low. For me, well none of the above would help..(improve my T levels anyway) my damage is to the pituitary gland.

As for you? Well without diagnosis, it’s hard to say BUT.. If you are overweight, try and exercise and cut down your calorie intake. Get down the gym or even buy your own free weights this should help.

But I beg of you. You do not need to suffer unnecessarily like I did (and most guys for that matter) Get down to your Doctors and get checked up. IF you feel uncomfortable doing this you could maybe consider getting it done privately through a similar company to what I used for getting my Thyroid Hormones checked out. Do anything that is positive, Don’t just put it off and think you may feel better in a few months time.

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