Subclinical Hypothyroidism symptoms


There’s a good chance that you are reading this because you are either diagnosed with subclinical Hypothyroidism or have symptoms of low thyroid. It’s not going to make you feel any better knowing whether it’s subclinical or not,this will most likely make you feel angry that you are not going to get any treatment for your thyroid.

If you are lucky enough to live in a country such as Germany or the U.S you will be viewed as Hypo if your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is over 3.

The symptoms of subclinical Hypothyroidism are the same as being Hypothyroid, why should you be judged just on a TSH number?

The UK however is still living in the dark ages , the NHS is very unlikely to offer you treatment of any kind unless your TSH is 10 or over. You may be lucky and find a sympathetic GP or Endocrinologist who may treat the symptoms.  You may be unfortunate and just be diagnosed from your TSH level and FT4 This is doing you a great disservice and at the very least you should go into your GP’s and insist upon getting the TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid antibodies to check for Hashimotos also. Family history is also important to bring to the attention of your Doctor.

ALSO make sure that you personally either record your levels i.e the physical numbers and make sure that you get the ranges too. You should be entitled to this data and most doctors surgeries should be happy to give you a printout of your results if you ask them. Don’t feel that you are putting them out by asking. YOU are ENTITLED to YOUR information!

Now just because some ‘dragon in a frock’ aka ‘the gatekeeper’ or more commonly the Doctor’s receptionist sitting behind the doctors reception desk has some kind of superior complex simply brought about by ‘having an association to a Doctor’ and looks down her nose at you for daring to slightly increase her workload by asking for a printout.

YOU have to take charge of your own health care, I can assure you here and now fellow proles that should the receptionist’s own family have a need to see a doctor- They are going to get an appointment as quick as a flash. Always keep a copy of your bloods that way you will always be able to spot a trend in your bloodwork.

The various symptoms that I have experienced while being “subclinically Hypothyroid” are not a bloody garden of roses, regardless of what my Doctor thought..

Subclinical Hypothyroidism symptoms are the same as for your bogstandard Hypothyroid, for me personally? Well I have been suffering from Dizzy spells, Low heart rate at around 60 (but I’m currently no athlete) heart palpitations, missed beats,Fatigue and  dry flaky skin, slightly swollen face, big dark circles and bags under my eyes.  Not forgetting that the outer third of my eyebrows have vanished and I now look slightly weird if I don’t trim the remaining eyebrows that bit shorter.  The worst symptoms for me are the most noticeable which are  the struggling to catch my breath even after just a slight exertion.

Also the strange dizziness that always seemed to coincide with stuffy sinuses most noticeably the same kind of sensation you get when taking off in an aeroplane. I think that there is definitely some kind of connection between being hypothyroid and having sinus/ ear problems. If any one you also suffer the same symptoms please let me know.  As I take Cabergoline to keep down my high prolactin I find that the blocked ears gets even worse after taking the cabergoline dose. But please comment on this post if you are having similar issues! Also if you have found any kind of way to alleviate it I would be grateful for the share.

If you are diagnosed with subclinical Hypothyroidism, don’t panic- there are things that you can do to improve your lot. Most importantly, read, read and read some more. I’m not kidding you. One of the best places that will help you make sense of what you are going through is STTM I really cannot recommend this site highly enough. Tons of really helpful interesting articles that will help you make sense of being Hypothyroid.

If you are not getting the treatment you need do not be afraid to look for another Doctor.

You have to understand that most GP’s and certainly alot of Endocrinologists (not all I hasten to add) know an awful lot more about diabetes than they do about the Thyroid and especially how to treat it effectively. You will find that most GP’s will just treat the numbers and not the patient. If you are suffering at the hands of your GP do not be afraid to find another doctor that is more accommodating.

I guess the real issue is whether you are classed as subclinical Hypothyroid or not. It’s a moot point after all you must be suffering the symptoms of being Hypothyroid so really what is the difference? A number in a TSH test that is not the gold standard it’s supposed to be. Perhaps if doctors went back and actually listened to patients and symptoms then we wouldn’t be in this awful mess. Heavens forbid being a man a getting Hypothyroid, just because it’s more common amongst women doesn’t mean that men cannot get it. At one point I was actually told by a GP that I couldn’t possibly be Hypothyroid purely on her experience that men just don’t get it! Would love to hear about some of your own similar experiences with poor doctors.

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